Our staff and student athletes are dedicated to continuous self-improvement. We embrace a growth mindset and emphasize development of our players on and off the court. We aim to provide a positive and competitive learning environment, where each player will be taught, challenged and encouraged to chase better, every day. Our staff is committed to continually bettering themselves so they can best serve the needs of the student athletes we work with.


We believe joy and having fun is a key ingredient in any sport matter what age or level you are competing at. Players and staff in our program are passionate about the game, eager to help each other in the process and celebrate each other’s successes. Our skills training and team practices are fast-paced, engaging and filled with great energy! Players enjoy the brand of basketball we play and enjoying what you do and who you’re doing it with are keys to becoming great!


We believe that competition teaches, is essential for growth, and turns hard work into fun! Whether it’s competing with yourself, teammate, or against an opponent, learning to compete in everything we do helps us get better. Competition helps bring out the best in us and helps us step up to a level we often can’t access on our own. That is why it is one of our core values. We offer appropriate levels of competition at every age group and have at least 1 elite level team at each age group (4-8th). We have 2 high school elite teams competing in top divisions in tournaments, competing against the best teams and best players in the country.


We strive to be the program that best serves the needs of our players and teams. We aim to do this by providing the resources we feel are necessary to narrow the gap between where each student athlete currently is and where they strive to be. This includes providing the best skills training, the best practice and in-game coaching, educating players on the recruiting process, and teaching them how to be proactive and take ownership for their outcome. We also provide a Spring/Summer tournament schedule that gives players the opportunity to compete at the highest level as well the opportunity to play in front of numerous college coaches.


We make it a priority to ensure our student athletes understand that the quality of being honest, acting with class, having strong moral principles and treating people the right way is the foundation of our program’s culture and how we choose to do things. John Wooden said it best, “What you are as a person is far more important than what you are as a basketball player.”


The NW Stars staff, players and families are part of a community that loves, cares and serves one another. We believe in the power of teamwork and coordinated effort in accomplishing our mission. We are in this together!