“Through my many years coaching basketball at the youth and high school level, I have come across a lot of trainers and programs.  Angie Sun and the NW Stars staff are by far the best in the Northwest.  They do an outstanding job of customizing specific training programs for players of any talent or skill level.  Despite being in high demand they do all they can to make themselves available for the athletes. My daughter has worked exclusively with Angie for approximately 10 years.  During this time, Angie developed an understanding of her goals, then partnered with her to achieve those goals.  As a result of this partnership my daughter received many Division 1 scholarship offers coming out of high school, including several in the Pac 12.  I would highly recommend the NW Stars program to any player that is looking to take their game to the next level.”

-Kevin Goodman

“NW Stars has been a wonderful club for our daughter Cameron to be a part of.  They create an atmosphere that prepares their athletes to compete on an elite level while always remembering the game should be a joy to play.  We’ve always been impressed by NW Stars ability to balance individual growth with a “team first” mentality.  We also believe Angie Sun is one of the best at skill development in the country.

When any parent asks for advice on which club to choose, we always recommend NW Stars without hesitation.”

-Michelle Bain-Brink

“We feel so lucky that we found Angie Sun! Not only is she an excellent basketball coach and trainer, but she is a student of the game and is always looking to get better. She embodies positive coaching and understands the importance of keeping it fun. If you want your daughter to reach her full potential, look no further than Angie Sun and the Northwest Stars program–you will not be disappointed.”

-Greg Bell

“Northwest Stars, specifically, Angie Sun made me love basketball again.  Coming off of a very difficult spring season, Angie, listened, encouraged, asked the tough questions and reinvigorated my spirit for the game – That’s Northwest Stars.”

-Savannah Corradini, Jesuit 2019

As parents and avid basketball fans, my wife and I watched a 17 year old teen girl come into her own and regain her confidence and love of the game she’d been playing for 6 years.  Angie’s program creates an environment for development, creativity, and builds on strengths while still allowing for mistakes in order to grow as a player and person.  Angie has created a program that allows our young women to express their serious competitive side and their fun uninhibited sides. Stars coaches believe in fair discipline and tough playing environments.  The Stars program is always striving to get better and not show any favoritism to any one player.  Better players naturally rise to the top. Our girls played against some of the top girls and teams in the country and always kept getting better. Between skill development and life lessons, our daughter grew and established lasting relationships with her teammates.  Angie has endless positive energy.  It shines in every clinic, practice, and game.  She is constantly encouraging, teaching, and never gets down on any player or coach.  The girls are constantly challenged to create and always bring their best every day.  Angie has a very honest and transparent top program where as a parent in the world of AAU and High School sports allows conversation with player and parents.  I do wish we would have gone to NW Stars earlier in my daughters career. “

-David Brown

I have been a coach at the club, elementary middle school and high school levels. I am currently a High school athletic director and spend countless hours watching high school basketball.

My daughter has been participating in NW Stars for the last 3 years. The quality of coaching has been second to none. From individual offensive and defensive skill development to integrating those skills into team offense and defense concepts coach Angie Sun and her staff have been amazing in their attention to detail. In addition the life skills and mentoring that Coach Sun and her staff have provided will benefit my daughter for years to come. As my daughters 8th grade year comes to a close I am confident that she is well prepared for the demands and intensity of high school varsity basketball. If detailed coaching and  outstanding mentoring and life skills is something you seek for your child NW Stars is second to none.”

-Phil Kent

“NW Stars and Angie Sun are top-notch when it comes to basketball training and competition.  Angie and NW Stars provided excellent individual training that helped prepare my daughter to play at the college level, while also creating an atmosphere of fun and positive energy and providing great competitive game opportunities. 

Pushing kids to be their best while fostering teamwork and life long friendships can be a difficult balance, but NW Stars has managed to find that sweet spot to encourage players of all levels be their best.  My daughter’s relationships with teammates and Angie continue into college, and she is grateful for the experience.”

-Angie Friauf

“When our daughter needed to be pushed to her potential with consistency in coaching and structure, we looked to the NW Stars.  After playing against the Stars for 3 years (5 seasons) we noticed they had the same coaches and players every season which told us there was definitely consistency.  Angie is an incredible coach/mentor/educator for the girls and is always committed to doing her best for the players.  She balances firmness with friendliness effortlessly and is always approachable.  She expects the girls to give 100% effort all the time while teaching them to take full responsibility for their growth.  We feel so fortunate to have found Angie and the NW Stars.  We know this time with her will be a lifelong gift in so many ways for our daughter.  Thank you Angie!”

-Kasi Searle

Angie has an incredible program and such commitment to her players. Over the last few seasons, we have seen so much growth in our daughter’s skills that she was not getting from where she was previously playing. We also cannot say enough about the program, not just about the skills and commitment the players learn for basketball but the off court lessons and reverence that we have seen. These girls treat each other with such respect that I have not always seen in other teams and sports that we have been on in the past as well as the confidence and leadership that has followed my daughter to the classroom and to other extracurricular activities. It has been such a great experience and the support of this NW Stars community is really one of a kind. We are so thankful to have found this program.”

-Lisa Kasubuchi